Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Donates Spreader to ABAC Farm

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

The J.G. Woodroof Farm at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College continues to offer ABAC students the opportunities to operate top of the line equipment. 

Dr. Mark Kistler, Dean of the ABAC School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said the latest donation to the inventory of farm equipment is from Doyle Equipment Manufacturing for the use of a Doyle 5-ton mid-clearance spreader for one year.

“We are thankful for our new corporate sponsorship with Doyle Manufacturing,” Kistler said.  “The loan of the 5-ton mid-clearance spreader will enhance both the academic mission of the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources as well as the operations of our J.G. Woodroof Farm. 

“Being able to have our students see and use the latest in agricultural equipment will help them to have the knowledge and skills they need for future employment.”

Jarrott Mock is an ABAC alumnus who is the Territory Sales Manager for Doyle Equipment Manufacturing.

“Doyle Equipment Manufacturing is excited to be part of ABAC’s J.G. Woodroof Farm,” Mock said.  “Doyle Equipment is a huge supporter of agriculture all over the country. The Doyle family understands the importance of agriculture and its sustainability as well as the importance of training young people in the agricultural field. 

“The Doyle family and I believe that ABAC is one of the best schools in the country for providing both classroom and hands on learning in many different areas of agriculture.  As an alumnus, I know firsthand how well ABAC educates students to better themselves and prepare them for their careers in agriculture.”