SunTrust Foundation Presents Second Harvest of South Georgia and Albany Area Primary Health Care with Large Donations

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

The SunTrust Foundation recently presented Second Harvest of South Georgia and Albany Area Primary Health Care with large donations, which will undoubtedly help further the bank’s philanthropic work in the community. Albany Area Primary Healthcare received a $20,000 donation personally delivered by Chris Misamore, Market President, SunTrust Bank for South Georgia. 

“The United Way Giving Campaign is our signature giving campaign at SunTrust,” says Chris. “This year the city of Albany was selected as one of the locations for additional giving dollars to be allocated and we knew these funds would have the most impact here in our community.” 

The donations from the SunTrust United Way Giving Campaign are particularly important this year, especially after the region continues to rebuild from the storms of 2017 and now Hurricane Michael.  “I know how challenging it can be for a smaller community to rebuild after repeated storms," says Chris.

On Friday morning, Mr. Misamore presented Shelley Spires, Chief Executive Officer of Albany Area Primary Health Care (AAPHC) with a donation of $20,000 to the AAPHC Foundation. 

“As the region’s largest Community Health Center our focus is on providing quality health care to everyone,” says Shelley. “This donation from SunTrust United Way Giving Campaign will help us with our mission to care for our residents, while also expanding patient services even further.”

The AAPHC Foundation, which is the fundraising branch of AAPHC, funds expansions like vision care for students, additional colon cancer screening tests for patients, as well as expanding the School Based Health Center Program across Southwest Georgia.  “What we’re launching next is Behavioral Health into our School Based Health Centers, including a tele-medicine program,” says Shelley. “We want to have every available resource to assist local students in feeling their best for their school day.”

And Chris agrees that providing easier access to affordable health care and affordable food options are what led his organization, SunTrust, to select both AAPHC and Second Harvest Food Bank as recipients this year. 

“In our industry, we looked at what causes Americans the most stress in their daily lives. Obviously financial stress tops the list for almost every family, however, additional stressors  include access to quality health care and how to access affordable, nutritious food,” says Chris. “These two organizations AAPHC and Second Harvest Food Bank – are doing amazing work in our communities to close the gap when a resident needs either health care or an affordable place to receive food and nutrition.”

“There’s no doubt that this donation will absolutely have a positive impact on our organization and lives across Southwest Georgia,” says Shelley. “We appreciate greatly all that Chris and SunTrust have done for our organization and for our patients.”

And Chris adds, “I was told that this donation will now allow Second Harvest Food Bank to provide an additional 261,000 meals to the communities it serves.  It’s hearing things like this, and what AAPHC can do with these funds, that makes me feel proud to be a part of the SunTrust team and a fellow community member here in Albany.”