State's Largest Public School Receives Charter Renewal

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Georgia’s State Charter Schools Commission voted to renew the charter for Georgia Cyber Academy for an additional three years.  In recommending the renewal, the Charter Commission noted the school’s “significant academic growth” in conjunction with the school’s recent management and curriculum changes.

Georgia Cyber Academy is Georgia’s largest public school, serving approximately 9,000 students across all of the state’s 159 counties.  GCA’s instruction is delivered in a completely virtual setting, with both teachers and students alike connected in a virtual classroom using computers and the internet.

Unlike other public schools, charter schools must have their charters reviewed and renewed on a regular basis.  The charter is a contract between the school and the State Charter Schools Commission.

Georgia Cyber Academy is appreciative of the Commission’s confidence placed in the school to continue to serve students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, and for noting the progress after changing school management, implementing new curriculum, reducing teacher to student ratios, and adding additional resources for classroom instruction.

GCA’s Head of School, Angela Lasseter, said of the renewal, “We are gratified by the confidence placed in Georgia Cyber Academy by the renewal of our charter.  I appreciate their recognition of the results from changes made since I became Head of School, but I'm even more appreciative of the collaborative relationship with the Commission as we work together to unlock opportunities for each of our students.”

The Chairman of GCA’s school board, Kenneth Tennyson Asher, added “We thank the Commission for the renewal of our Charter.  We appreciate the trust they have placed in our board, our staff, and our teachers, as well as the institutional changes we have made with a clear focus on the families we serve.  We will continue to strive for excellence, every day.”