June 30th Instagram Live for Georgia High School Students: “Training and Networking: Getting a Real Job in the Skilled Trades”

Staff Report

Monday, June 29th, 2020

On June 30, the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA) continues its ongoing series of Instagram Live discussions with a session focused on “Training and Networking: Getting a Real Job in the Skilled Trades.” The June 30 session is hosted by contractor and DIY TV host Kayleen McCabe with special guest recruiting director Jeremy Whitaker from C.W. Matthews Contracting.
Whitaker will offer advice on:
  • Classes students should take that can lead to a job in the skilled trades after graduation

  • The importance of a two vs. four year degree in applying for jobs in the trades

  • What level of education, training, and network do you need to secure your entry level job?

  • What is the range of salary students entering the construction industry can expect?

The goal of the series is to educate students about career opportunities in the construction industry. It began June 16 and runs weekly at @CEFGA_jobs on Instagram, covering topics such as career options, trade schools, industry training, and truths and misconceptions about careers in the skilled trades.

Host Kayleen McCabe is a contractor and host of “Rescue Renovation” on the DIY Network. CEFGA President and CEO Scott Shelar joins her each week as they speak with students, industry leaders and employers about their experiences and insights around the skilled trades. 

All sessions are free and open to anyone interested. The Instagram Live sessions will begin at Noon @cefga_jobs on Instagram each week. 

“Even during this pandemic, the construction industry is still strong. But for years, businesses have had trouble hiring trained workers, leading to a skilled labor gap in the U.S.,” says CEFGA’s Shelar. “These new Instagram sessions are an opportunity for young people to hear from industry leaders about how we can close the skilled labor gap by giving them the information they need to enter the skilled trade workforce.”

The current CEFGA Instagram Live schedule includes:

  • June 16: “How Do I Pursue A Career in the Skilled Trades?”  (Evan McGee - Confirmed)

  • June 23, “What Can a Trade School Do for Me?” (Chuck Little - Confirmed)

  • June 30, “Training and Networking: Getting a Real Job in the Skilled Trades” (Jeremy Whitaker - Confirmed)

  • July 7, “Truths & Misconceptions: Careers in the Skilled Trades”