ABAC Destination Ag Students Busy Sharing Program’s Mission

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

Now in its eighth year, ABAC’s Georgia Museum of Agriculture’s Destination Ag program continues to fulfill its mission. The program provides dynamic agricultural literacy education connecting students, teachers, and parents to the importance of agriculture and natural resources in their everyday life.

Garrett Boone, the Director of ABAC’s Georgia Museum of Agriculture, sees it regularly … and often at a high decibel level.

“Since 2016, we have hosted over 65,000 kids in pre-K through fifth grade at Destination Ag,” Boone said. “They love getting their hands involved and minds engaged. Destination Ag also provides an excellent way for ABAC students to gain real world work experience as Destination Ag student instructors. We are very proud of what Destination Ag has become and the positive impact it has had on thousands of bright, young learners throughout Georgia.”

Destination Ag was created after an initial gift of $1.25 million from the Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation. The Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation continues to support Destination Ag as they provide free ag literacy programming focused on connecting elementary age children to the sources of their food, fiber, and shelter.

“Through the tremendous support of partners such as the Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation, we can offer Destination Ag at no cost to thousands of Georgia’s elementary students. We are very thankful for their continued support,” Boone said. “Destination Ag’s curriculum is tied to Georgia’s state educational standards and incorporates principles of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math). Over the past eight years, we have provided real-world teaching experience for 105 ABAC students that served as Destination Ag student instructors.”

During this past spring, Destination Ag had a rare opportunity to go on the road to the Langboard OSB plant in Quitman where over 120 kindergarten and third grade students enjoyed two days full of activities. Destination Ag students were joined by the Georgia Forestry Commission, including Smokey the Bear. Officials with the Langdale Company said this was the first year that ABAC’s Destination Ag program was involved, and it turned out to be the best so far.

“We were excited about the opportunity and appreciated the invitation to join the Langdale Company and Forestry Commission to provide this opportunity for Lowndes County students,” Boone said.