Georgia Takes Bold Steps to Address Homelessness Crisis and Improve Public Safety

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, June 17th, 2024

The Cicero Institute applauds Georgia's commitment to implementing effective measures to reduce homelessness and improve public safety.

Beginning on July 1, 2024, HB 1410, the State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless Act, sponsored by House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration and signed by Governor Kemp, will go into effect.

This legislation establishes a stable housing accountability program to address the homelessness crisis in Georgia.

Key components of the bill include the establishment of a comprehensive stable housing accountability program, the installation of the State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless Commission, and the creation of a separate fund within the state treasury dedicated exclusively to financing the stable housing accountability programs.

Going forward, state-funded homeless programs must require participants to adhere to specific accountability measures, such as maintaining sobriety, securing employment, and participating in rehabilitation programs.

This is a crucial step in turning the corner on homelessness in our state,” said Cicero’s Director of Communication Stefani Buhajla. “Those who find themselves living on the streets need compassionate care with accountability measures to ensure they are getting the help they need and not being taken advantage of. This law enhances public safety and brings much-needed relief to communities across the state.

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