When it Comes to Retaining Talent, Do You Know What Employees Truly Value?


Friday, June 14th, 2024

Recently, goBeyondProfit and Georgia CEO released the 2024 Business Generosity Report exploring the mindset of both employed adults and executives here in Georgia. With 96% of Georgians believing it is important their employer be generous; the report delineates what exactly generosity means to them and how employers can best prioritize investments when it comes to employee care.

When asked to choose the single most important demonstration of generosity to them, employees pointed to flexible work (34%) and mental health support (18%). These aspects have been top-of-mind for employees for the past two years. 78% of executives say they currently offer their employees flexible work schedules, representing a 10-point increase from last year.  55% of executives offer their people mental health support, which is a 14-point increase over last year.

However, employees shared other aspects of employee care that they find very important, pointing out potential disconnects between executive priorities and employee current needs.

For instance, only 21% of executives offer expanded maternal health services. When asked, 85% of employees said this aspect is important, and 58% said it is very important

Childcare support represented a similar place of misalignment with only 15% of executives currently offering childcare support though 83% of people (men and women) said this is important and 53% said it is very important. 

Explore the full report for additional data around missed opportunities as well as practical solutions aligning investments with what employees truly value here.